The fast and small web application created to allow conferences attendees to easily navigate through the conference information and mark the talks of interest to create their own, personalized track.

Features at a glance

Compatible with modern browsers
Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Android, and more
~110Kb minified and gzipped with less than 10 HTTP requests
~1.5 seconds loading time with a 3G connection
Built using a mobile-first approach, it includes touch gesture for a better mobile experience
100% offline
Once loaded all the operations can be performed offline
Isomorphic views
The views are built with React, so you can use them on the server using Node.js
100% configurable
Modify the source code to create a look and feel that adheres to your conference's branding

Why ConfAgenda?

I've had the pleasure to attend and speak at a few conferences in the last years and every time I had to download a different app or use a not-so-mobile-friendly website to navigate the agenda and decide the talks to attend. Sometimes I even ended up using the paper sheet the staff provided at the entrance. Everyone is reinventing the wheel over and over again, often in a sub-optimal way. This is a pain both for conference organizers and attendees.

Organizers should take care of managing other aspects of the conference in order to provide the best experience possible to everyone involved in the event. They should not spend their time in creating a web or a mobile application. For those that decide to create a mobile application the effort is even more. They have to develop at least two different versions and then deal with the painful process of some stores (*cough* Apple *cough*). In case there are last-minute updates, they also have to update the applications and submit them again to the store. In some cases the process is so long (i.e. application approval), the updates are simply never made.

Attendees want to have the most straightforward and simple experience possible. They don't want to download a new app every time. They don't want to be online to navigate the conference information. They don't want to use a paper sheet and the pen to mark the talks to attend. All they want to do is being able to take a look at the agenda whenever they need and to mark the talks of interest. This is particularly important for multi-day, multi-track conferences.

To solve these issues, I decided to develop ConfAgenda.